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 Perfect/Insane's GM App

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PostSubject: Perfect/Insane's GM App   Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:11 pm

Time Zone/Location:
New York City, Brooklyn (No Address)
Eastern Time
16 (just turned 16, 2 months. I know I know I think I am old o.o)
Solstice. For the win!

1.What will/can you do as a GM?:
Hmm how should I start this. Being a GM you have to be as organized and well prepared. The thoughts can already tell you. I would help many people case of not knowing what the items are and where to get them, for example if a player comes up and says "How would you earn this" or "Where do you get this Sauna Robe" I would of course help them. It would be a exaggeration if you did'nt help when you are the Moderator of "FoundMS". I would make events if the players were bored or even happy. GM would take a alot of work but all of these things I can reduce and can work easier. I am gonna follow the rules and accept them no matter what, if they were strict or annoying. I will use my GM powers if emergency. Events such as "Hide N' Seek, Wall to Wall, Last Person Standing, JPQ or PQ can be a great way to interact with players and would keep them company. As followed I'll go on the forums to do my daily routines and be on when the " Owners or SGM are off"
2.What could you contribute to the server if you were to become a GM?:
"Contribute". I would make banners, videos, and websites. It would interest more players to join BarrellRoll's server. How hard working he is and was able to get at least more than 10 people to play. Off my duty I would make plans in my journal and think of cool ideas and ask the Admin, Owner or Co-Owner if this is a good idea. Since I have school works I have reduce my time on it and get to help the server and be on as soon as I can. Right now I can't donate but I will soon. Custom maps and skills would be cool too. I've been experienced in many servers but just some were too much not like this.

3.What would you do if you saw someone hacking (1st time, 2nd, 3rd)?:
I would'nt actually banned that person immediately but what I would do the first time is I would just make sure if that player wouldn't do it again. If he talks backs and tries to admit he doe'snt hack I will mute until he will stop. In order to get the players attention I would do !kill to get the player suspicious knowing a GM is near. The 2nd time I will jail for a period of time and let go. As soon if they player hacks again I will jail even longer. (If the player escaped jail) I will put them in the bird net thingy and keep them there. The 3rd time will be ban. Not just yet, I would ban them once and let them go but when they hack again I will Eternal Ban telling the Owner if I was allowed to. Also I would let the Staff know. In case they thought I was banning them with stupid reasons.

4.How would you use the !item command?:
I would use it for myself for dmg lol. Also I would use it for events when people win but at least +10 scrolled items.

5.Do you have any GM experience?:
Yes I have

EternalMS - GM
CluelessMS - Level 3 GM
DiamondMS - Co Owner
VoidMS v62 - Intern GM

6.Any unique talents(coding, gfx, etc):
I could make cool banners, videos and websites. Just boost up the excitment. I could dance <3 lol. I can make posters, ummm lets see cool skills, maps, and much more!

7.What type of events would you host? With what prize? how often?:
I would host events like as I said on top. JPQ, Hide N' Seek, Last Person standing, PVP, PQ,Fashion contest and much much more. Well it depends on whats the prize for example if it was a fashion contest it would be a really cool nx item or scrolled clothes that would be at least 10 or lower scrolled items since it's v83 .

8.How many hours would you be willing to commit a week?:
On Weekends at least 13 hours or under. And on Weekdays depending on HW itll be like 8 hours or under. during Vacations oh yeahhh! 15 hours baby! Laugh out loud!

9.What would you do if you saw a relative/friend hacking?:
I would do the same thing to a random player because thats not what they are supposed to do and when they try to act tough on me ill call a staff nearest as possible.

10.Would you leave the server if you were not picked as GM?:
No, why would I, either I be a reg player or GM. I could help in either both positions.

11.Would you leave the server if a problem were to happen (small and big)?:
No I would talk to my antagonist slowly and sort the conflict out.

11.What would you do if a player asked for an Event item/MSI (Max stat item)?:
I would not. Those items would be really expensive and not be fair. I will give items to players (events) that were not that much stats and scrolled.

~A little about yourself:
I am athletic, I jog everyday excercise and keep healthy. I wouldnt be drunk lol. I listen to my favorite Artists such as Rihanna, Drake, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and much much more. While the server is offline I would take notes on what to change and ask the staff if its fine with them. I love watching Jersey Shore <3, 1k ways to die and much more.

~Additional Info:
P.S - People who tries to be mean you can call your future GM for help! FoundMS im on the way
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PostSubject: Re: Perfect/Insane's GM App   Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:31 pm

Welcome to the staff Very Happy
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Perfect/Insane's GM App
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