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 Katamari GM Application

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PostSubject: Katamari GM Application   Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:20 pm

My name is Edward.



Time Zone:
My timezone is GMT -5

Job You Are Applying For:

Past Experience in Job:
Yes I do, but since I do not have a proof, I know it won't count as a experince of Game Master. And, if it is possible, I'm willing to learn coding to help out this server.

What would you do if you suspected someone of hacking?
This is an obvious answer. It depends what kind of hack they use, if they dupe, I would take a SS(Proof) that they duped. And close the shop if they opend a shop. Then, I would Perm Ban them ASAP, since they disobeyed the ToS. It would be different if I saw a person using Training Bot, I would take a SS again and actually give them a chance if they apologized for using. I would surely watch over them to make sure if they aren't hacking again with skill "Hide".

If they ever posted a Ban Appeal I would post a SS(Proof) that they duped/hacked and nail them out so they can't argue no more.

What would you do if you suspected someone of spamming?
I will jail him and ask "why did you spamming our server"?

Have you been a GM/Coder before? If so please have proof.
yes,I do but there is no proof Sad sorry

What can you do for the server?
I like helping people who need it. I'd love to do FoundMS a better game to be. I always do my job. I am not a GM now, but I help people and they gms. I'm a guy you can trust and I am a very happy guy. Some GM's overlook some things I need to be fixed. I'm very good to find the hacker's. Every time I see a GM, I'll call a GM to ban him. One day there was a guy in the free market chanel 1 somebody hacked, so I told a GM, but he went offline, so we agree that I should meet him in dc chanel 3 and I told him that I wanted to hack, so when he showed it to me. He was banned because GM's hiding to see if he hacked.

How often do you play FoundMS?

What makes you special; why should we choose you?
I always wanted to help out the server grow bigger and help new players. I will do the best as I can within my power. For example, I will help the players out by telling our features that no other servers do. I can also host event daily, catching hackers/dupers, stopping Drama/Trolling, and other things that I will help out to make this server best as possible. Also, since I am very rusty as being Intern/Game Master, so, I will quickly memorize the codes and commands.
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Katamari GM Application
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